Children's Foot Problems

Children's Foot Problems can be categorized by pain, deformity or both.

Foot deformities often occur in childhood. Flatfeet are most often a normal variation of the shape of the arch of the foot and in these cases there is no pain and no treatment is required. If the flatfoot deformity results in stiffness, pain and hard thickening the problem is more severe and should be evaluated professionally.

Clubfoot deformity is not very common and is diagnosed at birth. The child's foot is turned down and in. Treatment should start immediately after birth and consists of stretching the foot and applying casts which gradually correct the deformity however surgery is sometimes required.

Toeing in and toeing out is another childhood foot problem. The causes for excessive outward or inward position of the feet include the alignment of the hip, leg, and foot. The causes of toeing in and toeing out can easily be determined and in most cases resolve spontaneously.

Heel pain is a common complaint in children and is a result of overuse. It generally occurs in children between the ages of eight and ten. Treatment of overuse injuries involves the use of heel inserts, heelcord stretching and physical therapy.

Infection is rare in children but can be the cause of childhood foot pain. Infection can result from a puncture wound to the foot. Pain, fever, and swelling are all signs of infections and medical advise should be sort.

Only an orthopedic doctor can properly diagnose it.

My orthopedic surgeon advised funny gymnastics for my child.
I drew on colored paper feet of my daughter. And pasted them on paper. U see on photos funny road with feet.

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