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Dora the Explorer is an American animated television series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, and Eric Weiner.
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The episodes of Dora the Explorer almost always follow a regular pattern, breaking the fourth wall:
Dora has something she wants to do or somewhere she needs to go.
Dora has three, or, in some double-length episodes, four, places to go, with the final place as the destination.
Dora and Boots meet Swiper somewhere along the way, sometimes succeed at saying 'Swiper no Swiping' three times; sometimes Swiper successfully swipes Dora's item and hides it. Dora and Boots always find the hidden item.
Dora will meet one of her friends at each of the locations detailed by the Map.
Dora always succeeds in passing the obstacles.
In the English version, Dora will ask the viewers to help her by giving advice (jump, run etc.), locating items (especially those stolen by Swiper) and often shouting commands to the characters in Spanish (especially Tico and Sr. Tucan, who can only speak Spanish).
Every character that appeared on the episode sings 'We did it' at the end except for Swiper (unless Swiper has taken some positive role in the episode, such as the episode where he rescues a lost baby fox).
Dora asks viewers what their favorite part was. She (and usually Boots) then proceed to tell the viewer which part of the adventure she most enjoyed. Any other major character can also be included in this section.
During the closing credits, viewers are either asked to find a character, hiding in a location, or follow instructions to achieve an objective.

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