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The story follows Bloom and her close fairy friends, and is situated mainly in the Magical Dimension and on Earth. They call themselves 'The Winx Club' and go on countless adventures together. Throughout the story, they discover new transformations, unlock secrets and powers, battle against the darkness and support Bloom as she tries to discover her past.

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The Winx are a group of fairies formed by Bloom in the beginning of the first season. Initially, it was a group of five fairies: Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna. Layla joined the group in the second season after some conflict with the villain of the season, Lord Darkar. Roxy is considered part of the group by many people, but she is not mentioned as part of the group on the website and seems to be just a friend of the Winx for now. This is noted because she is often apart of the group and doesn't seem as connected with them as she should be if she were to be a part of the group. However, Roxy is seen going to Magix with the Winx in the finale of the fourth season. The pixies bonded with the fairies in the second season, and all of the Winx fairies got their magical pets in the fourth season. In the original version, the word "Winx," as Bloom suggests, has no meaning, and is a pun on the English word "wings;" although in the edits made by 4Kids Entertainment, it is the word for the magical power that fairies have.

Bloom: She discovered her dormant magical powers after coming to the aid of another fairy, Stella.She is always available to help her friends. Shortly after arriving at Alfea, she discovers that her powers come from the ancient Dragon's Flame. She is the princess and last survivor of her planet Domino her birthplace. She owns a blueish bunny named Kiko. Her pixie is Lockette, the pixie of mazes and portals. Her magical pet is Belle, a green and white sheep. She is Sky's fiancee. Her best friend is Stella.

Stella: She is a talkative "girly girl." She tends to be spontaneous and dislikes extensive planning, but she is able to recognize when her help is needed. Stella is also infamous amongst the Alfea students for blowing up a laboratory. She has the power of the sun and the moon. Her mother represents the moon and her father represents the sun. She is the princess of the planet Solaria, her birthplace. Her mother and father are divorced, but she wishes they would get back together, as is revealed in season three. Her pixie is Amore, the pixie of love, and her magical pet is Ginger, a white poodle. She is Brandon's fiancee.

Flora: She is a very kind-hearted and sensitive girl with a passion for nature and life. Happy and intelligent, she is always a sweet, loyal friend and doesn't believe in hurting others or the environment. She is extremely fond of plants and nature and her room consequently resembles a greenhouse. She has the power of nature, which allows her to use plants in her attacks and natural predators to exterminate pests. She comes from the planet Linphea. Her pixie is Chatta, the pixie of gossip. In the third season, it is revealed that Flora has a younger sister named Miele. Her magical pet is Coco, a pink cat. She is Helia's girlfriend.

Musa: She loves all forms of music. Although she tries to put up a tough front to isolate herself and is often pessimistic, she is a loyal and caring friend. She is a bit of a tomboy but can be girly at many times. She is pale and appears to be of Asian descent, with blue-black pigtails and blue eyes. Musa has the power of soundwaves, and she gets her energy from all kinds of music. She comes from the planet Melody[nb 6] so she grew with music all around her. Her mother was a great singer and her father is a great drummer. Her pixie is Tune, the pixie of manners, who often gets on Musa's nerves since they are almost the exact opposite of each other in terms of personalities. Her magical pet is Pepe, a brown bear. She is Riven's girlfriend.

Tecna: She is always logical and rational, and initially had trouble expressing her emotions. She speaks in a technical and matter-of-fact manner. She is extremely intelligent and strong in technology and mathematics and enjoys playing video games. She is also pretty athletic, and enjoys doing sports. She can act cold and rational at times, but always tries to do the right thing. She has the power of technology and can control everything provided by technology. She comes from the planet Zenith.Her pixie is Digit, the pixie of nanotechnology. Her magical pet is Chicko, a yellow duck. She is Timmy's girlfriend.

Layla: Layla is the Princess of the planet Andros. She has a restless, rebellious and wild nature. Layla is a good athlete, fighter, dancer and wind-raider rider. She is also a feminist and thus opposes Riven, a chauvinist. She has the power of fluids and is able to manipulate a pink fluid called "Morphix" to take on any form she chooses. She joins Winx in the second season and brings her pixie friends along with her. Her pixie is Piff, the pixie of sweet dreams, who quite frequently helps her with her troubling nightmares. Her magical pet is Milly, a white rabbit. She was Nabu's fiancee, but he died in episode 24 of the fourth season. Layla was very upset and ended up temporarily joining the Earth fairies to get revenge, but she quickly came back to the Winx a couple of episodes later.

Roxy: Roxy is the last terrestrial fairy. The Winx fairies' newest mission is to protect Roxy from Wizards of the Black Circle, who are after her. She also lives in Gardenia, just like Bloom, and this makes the two quite close. The Winx girls noticed her in The Frutti Music Bar, where her father and herself work, and got to be friends with her later in the season. As the fairy of Animals, she owns a pet dog, Artu, whom she loves very much and despises anyone who tries to hurt him. Roxy is very much her own person and in the beginning it was hard for the Winx to get through to her. She has a stubborn personality, but softens as she gets to know Bloom and her friends. She is also the daughter of Morgana, the Queen of the terrestrial fairies, making Roxy their Princess. Her age is still unknown.

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