Letter A Worksheets

 Letter A Worksheets:

1.  A is for apple tree. Count the number of apples
2.  Apple Tree Rhymes
3.  Color the apples on a tree in yellow , and under a tree in red colour.
4.  Apple alphabet coloring page .Count the number of apples.
5.  Draw a line to help the alien go through the maze to the planet
6.  Ant to anthill Letter "A" Maze.Draw a line to help the ant go through the maze to the anthill.Follow the lines with your pencil.
7.  Only two of this pictures are identical. Can you spot the matching pair?
8.  A is for Airplane.Practice tracing curved lines.
9.  Read funny riddles.Write the words which all start with the letter A
10.  A is for ant.
11.  Draw a line from each word on the left to the matching word on the right side.
12.  Read poem about Airplane
13.  Practice writing the letter A. Draw a circle around each letter A.

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"A was an apple pie..."

A was an apple pie
B bit it,
C cut it,
D dealt it,
E eat it,
F fought for it,
G got it,
H had it,
I inspected it,
J jumped for it,
K kept it,
L longed for it,
M mourned for it,
N nodded at it,
O opened it,
P peeped in it,
Q quartered it,
R ran for it,
S stole it,
T took it,
U upset it,
V viewed it,
W wanted it,
X, Y, Z and ampersand
All wished for a piece in hand.

Apple Poem

A is for Apple,
Round and Sweet,
Red Red Apple,
So good to eat.

Apple Tree Rhymes

А is for apples and apple-tree.
You can see apples on the apple-tree.


Apples in the attic,
Apples in the hall.
Apples in the summer,
Apples in the fall.
Apples make you healthy.
Apples make you tall.
I will eat some apples.
I will eat them all.


Apples, apples,
One, two, three,
Apples for you,
Apples for me.
Apples big,
Apples small,
Apple trees tiny,
Apple trees tall.
Apples sour,
Apples sweet,
Apples, apples,
are nice to eat.

I Like Apples

Red apples,
Big apples,
Good apples,
Yummy apples,
Any kind of apples,
I like apples!

An apple on the tree,
An apple in the basket,
An apple in the fridge,
An apple in a store,
I like apples!


If I were as small as a little black ant,
I would do things that big people can't.
I would sit on a leaf, take a bath in a rose,
Ride on a bee, and tickle its nose.
I'd walk under a duck, lead a big ant parade,
And sleep in a web that a spider had made.
If you were as small as a little black ant,
What would you do that big people can't?


1.What is the largest ant in the world?

2.In which month do monkeys play baseball?


3.What clothes does a house wear?

4.What goes up, but never comes down?
answer:your age

5.What common English verb becomes its own past tense by rearranging its letters?
answer:ate and eat

6.What is the correct way to file an axe?
answer:Under the letter "A."

7.What word of only three syllables contains 26 letters?
answer:Alphabet = (26 letters).

I start with an A and end with an N.
I'm something you wear
when you're stuffing a hen,
or cooking a steak,
or icing a cake, or
mixing a shake.
Can you name me?

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