Lacing Toys

Lacing Toys

Fine motor skills are the smaller actions we make, such as using our thumb and finger to pick up an object to taste and feel objects.

Hand skills are an essential part of a child’s development as they allow the child to interact with their environment and gain important self help skills such as dressing and feeding themselves.
Toys that can assist with Fine Motor Skill development include: stacking toys, play dough and similar, counters, shape sorters, lacing toys, hammer toys, mazes, puzzles and building toys.
Print out the Lacing Toys image, cut and paste on a cardboard.

Our lacing toys will give your child excellent motor skills.orking on fine motor skills with our Lacing Toys has never been so much fun!
Lacing educational toys are all-time favorites for moms, dads, and kids!
Here are  templates.  You are welcome to print them out by clicking on the images.
Enjoy with these lacing toys !!!

These lacing toys suitable for children from 3 years.

Helps to Develop:

1.Fine Motor Skills
2.Colour and shape recognition
3.Pattern and sequencing skills
4.Eye / Hand Coordination
5.Speech and Language skills

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