Funny Stories for kids Part-3


One day, a man while walking towards his office saw a beggar coming to him. The beggar was in a very bad condition. He was barefoot and his clothes were torn.

When the beggar asked for money, the man said, Why don`t you work? Dont you feel ashamed asking people for money? at this the beggar replied, I do feel ashamed asking for money. But once when I took money without asking, the police took me to jail.

The man had no answer to this. He went on his way to the office.


Robert got a job in a landlord`s house. Once, a landlord`s friend came to his house. The landlord called Robert and asked him to bring his binocular.

Robert quickly went to the landlord`s room and brought the binocular. After the friend left, the landlord called Robert and scolded, You should have asked me which binocular to bring, the one from England or the one from London. It would signify how rich I am. Robert nodded his head.

Few days later, another friend of the landlord came to his house. The friend saw a lion skin and asked the landlord who had killed it. The landlord said that it was his father.

The landlord then called Robert and asked him to bring his father`s photograph. At this Robert asked, Which one sir- one of England or one of London?


One day, two friends Nancy and Jenny were sitting in a restaurant. Nancy asked Jenny about her age. First, Jenny tried to hide her age but when Nancy compelled her, she said, I am just sixteen years old.

At this Nancy said, Last year you said that your age was sixteen and now again you are saying you are sixteen years old. What is this?
Jenny laughed and said, I always stick to my words.

Both the friends started laughing at this witty comment.

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