How To Make a Simple Children's Book

Book for child development.
Consider, before you begin to put the book together, the kind of book you wish to create.
Once you're satisfied with the concept, the general content of the book, and the preference of the recipient, the next step is to decide what materials will be needed.
Make a list of the items you will need and take an inventory of the items you have on hand. When you're ready with your materials you can get Books can be made in a lot of different ways and with different materials.
Here's a way to make a simple book with a fabric and cardboard cover.This book you can make for kids of all ages over the years. We used different materials and different fabrics - no rulers allowed here.
Simple look on our photos. We believe we are all creative beings. We encourage you to celebrate that creativity with books of your own.

On the first "handmade book" page we have sewn sacks. In sacks We have put small macaroni, rice(or buckwheat,pearl barley) . It is very useful for the child to touch such sacks .
Develops a small motility of the child.

On other "handmade book"page We have pasted stickers with the image of favourite heroes from a "Cars" cartoon film. 

On the following page we have sewn a little zippers. 

On the following "handmade book" page we have sewn a little pocket. There child can put funny cards .

On the following book page we have pasted a cover, having cut out in advance from juice. Now the child can train a hand, studies to open a cover from a bottle.

On the following "Handmade book" page we have done holes, and took a small lace. Thus the child trains put a lace in holes.

On the following "handmade book"page we have sewn one more pocket, in it we put beautiful beads.

The cheerful hero Mickey Mouse

On the following page we have pasted a small mirror

Last page, on it we has pasted a paper doll. Now the daughter dresses her in different dresses and skirts with jackets.

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