How to make a dollhouse (Part 1)

How to make a dollhouse.

We will do here is a castle (house) for dolls, with lighting in every room, opening doors.

The basis of the Dollhouse, we have made of boxes of equipment, supplies, food, as well as plywood, cardboard and strips. All this we glued the ordinary PVA glue.

The wiring for the lighting of all rooms we conducted in the walls of the Dollhouse.

In the future, we will hide all the wires.

  Exterior walls Dollhouse we pasted wallpaper, the remaining after the repair of the apartment.
Out of the box of the old children's dominoes we made for the front door of the Dollhouse.

The large windows of the hall we made from plastic taken from a box of chocolates.

Gate to the future of the garage we did out of the box for CD.

  Still a lot of work we need to do!

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