Blends, Digraphs, Trigraphs And Other Letter Combinations

Learning how to recognize and spell words will help your child become a better reader. You can help your child practice reading and spelling words. Use this flash cards.

Prepare the letters
  • 1. Print the letters 
  • 2. Laminate for durability
  • 3. Cut apart the tiles.




Ways to use the letters

1. Use the single letters to make words.  We stood the letters up in play dough, an idea I got from Still Playing School.  This was a great idea, as it immediately got my Four interested!
2. Use the word family endings along with single letters and blends to make new words. And I am just noticing that the “p” in the picture is upside down. Whoops! I guess you could say, “Which of these letters does not make a real word? 
3. When your child is ready, use blends and digraphs to make words instead of just single beginning letters. You can attach magnets to the back of the letters and use them on a magnetic baking tray, if you’ d like.
4. You can also do a making words lesson. Give your child a group of letters, all mixed up, that will make a word.  Give your child different words to spell, eventually ending up with the final word. 

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