1 Year Old Development

Age 1-2

In this section “1 Year Old Development” we have collected the whole material, published on our site, which will help you and your baby to study and get ready for the next advanced level of knowledge. 

In this section we will help you to learn and define the level of your baby’s development, i.e. what your baby must know and be able to do at the age from 1 to 2 years. 

The material for your lessons you can download free of charge and use at home, kindergarten and at school. 

Logical thinking
The development of thinking, memory and attention

1. Construct the tower or house using 4-6 blocks
2. Take apart or break the object, to examine it (researching position)

Language skills

1. The baby must know how to pronounce simple words
2. The baby must know how to name all the family members

Skills of everyday usage

1. The baby must know the parts of body and face
2. The baby must know how to ask for a baby’s toilet
3. The baby must stand on his feet without somebody’s help and walk by himself
4. The baby must know how to drink from a cup and try to eat by himself
5. The baby must understand parents’ requirements
6. The baby must know how to kick the ball
7. The baby tries to resemble other children and adults
8. The baby gives the toy in response to the request
9. The baby can open the drawers

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