How to teach your child Colors

There are many ways to teach your children the basic colors. Some ways can be fun and interesting. Teaching your children colors by playing games is not only fun but also it gives them different ways to learn something basic.

Here are some tips and ideas to teach colors to kids and preschool children:

1. Flash cards: You can teach colors through flash cards. Flash cards contain pictures of items in various colors. For example, if its a picture of a tomato it would be red.

2. Food: Kids also learn colors through food. Foods come in a variety of vibrant colors. When your child asks for something to eat, tell them the color of what they are eating.

3. Books: There are many books that reinforce the colors. Find interesting book that focuses on two or three colors with many photos. This is a good way to teach colors to kids.

4. Take your child outside: As you pass trees, stones, grasses and cars, identify the colors. After you have seen a wide variety of colors, point to something and ask your child what color it is.

5. Show them the colors: in their clothes and shoes, animals, blankets, and anything you can imagine.

You should find the way your toddler learns best and go with that. Most toddlers are fast learners, but some prefer to play games, search for colors, or read a book. Spend time every day showing your toddler colors and you will see it won’ t take long before your toddler knows his colors.
You alone are the best teacher. And coming up with fun and exciting ways to teach your child or sibling is half the fun of it.

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