Funny Stories for Kids Part-1


Jimmy was a very fat boy. He always used to be sad because of his obesity. So, he decided to consult a doctor. He said to the doctor, How can I reduce my weight? Everybody teases me at the school.

The doctor advised him to exercise daily. After few days, he again went to the doctor and complained that despite of exercising, he couldnt reduce his weight rather, putting on weight.

The doctor asked him what exercise he was doing. Jimmy replied, I go for horse riding everyday. The result is that I gained weight while the horse lost weight.

The doctor laughed and showed him how to exercise.



One day Danny went with his father to a zoo. He was very excited to see different types of birds and animals.

After a while, they came in front of the cage of a lion. Dannys father told him how ferocious and strong lions are. Danny was listening very attentively.

Finally, he spoke up, Dad, if somehow the lion comes out of the cage and eats you up, then how will I get back home? At least tell me the route to reach home.

Dannys father laughed at the innocent question of the son.



One day Nick and Jane met in a garden. They were best friends and were studying in the same school in the same class.

When they both were playing in the garden Jane saw a black band tied on the wrist of Nick. She asked him the reason for wearing that band. Nick replied, My mother tied it so that I dont forget to post an important letter.

At this Jane asked, But where is the letter?

Nick searched for it everywhere. Then he remembered that his mother had forgotten to give him the letter.

When Jane came to know about this, both laughed a lot.

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